Playerunkonwn’s Battlegrounds: Tips and Tricks

Battlegrounds is a survival MMO game produces by the company BLUEHOLE, that was founded în the year 2007 în South Korea and since then it was extended în many country’s such as: Japan, Russia, United States and Europe. The BLUEHOLE compani developed MMORPG games such as TERRA and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

Playerunkonwn‘s Brendan Greene – (Creative Director at BLUEHOLE) is the pioneer of this genre tipe of game. Theyr first Battle Royale game was ARMA, fallowed by ARMA 2 and 3.

Some informations about Battlegrounds:

At this time,  PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is the most popular game on STEAM, even if the game is still on early access. Even if the game is still not polished, BLUEHOLE released the game so the players can contribute with advices and feedback.

The game was lunched on 23.03.2007 and in just three months, they sold more than 4 millions copy’s, earning more than 100 million dollars. At this time, there are allmost 5 million copy’s sold. Because the game is still in beta, it has bugs and glitches that can be rezolved in timp with pathces. In this way, the game will give players a better experience.

 ♣ BLUEHOLE estimates that the game will be fully released at the end of 2017.

battlegrounds tips-tricks

First steps in Battlegrounds:

Once you enter the game, you will see the menu. The menu of the game is a simple and intuitive one, and gives the player many options like: costumisation of the character (more advices of how to costumise the character for more strategic advantages in the next articles), change game settings (more advices on how to change the graphical settings for better advantages and fps coming up next), find your STEAM friends and other players and the PLAY button.

This game is based more on the teamplay, but you can play it alone, or if you are solo you can find a squad and play with other three players. After you press START you find the game in an instant, after the loading screen, the character you play is on a island ( situated in the North-East corner of the map).

This is also some kind of a loading screen because you have to wait other players to connect to your match, but in the meantime you can find different weapons to shoot with or talk with the others  by pressing push to talk button.

Once you enter the game, you find yourself in a plane with another 99 players. The plane flies over a large island (16 km2), and the beautiful part is that you can choose where to parachute to, to find the better zone. In the next arcticles we will give advices about how to choose the better zone, for a better strategic advantage.

battlegrounds game

After you land, you must enter buildings and search for arms, equipment, medicine and bandages so you can fight with other players. In the next arcticles we will give you information about: weapons power, shooting distance, acuracy, etc, and info about equipment. For more details see the “How To” category or the arcticles tagged with “ Battlegrounds guns”.

Some things you need to know:

  • Be careful, the time is limited, every other few minutes a circle appears on the map and all the players are forced to get in that circle.
  • If you dont enter the circle, you will constantly get damage till you enter the zone. The zone will get smaller and smaller till one player remains alive.
  • The position of the zone is ARG (Automated Random Generated) and you can’t influence the zone where it appears or when it will appear.

On this website we will frecvently post news about this game, how you can get rid of some bugs and other helpful information on how to get on the first place. For any kind of sugestions write us on email, facebook or leave a comment